Module Ruggedization

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Acme Embedded Solutions is a specialist in adapting, modifying, and testing commercial electronics modules for use in harsh environments. Most military systems can be built up from COTS modules, as long as the available products can be adapted to work in the target environment. Common practice for many naval and widebody aircraft applications is to cocoon the electronics using thermally controlled, shock mounted racks. These techniques works well in relatively benign environments, but are not always successful where shock and vibration are found together, or where environmental controls are not appropriate.

Shock and vibration tolerance of commercial modules can be enhanced at the printed wiring board level with the use of an Applique Kit that increases the inherent resonant frequency of an assembly. Acme Embedded solutions offers a standard technique to develop and test commercial board ruggedization solutions, such as the Full Metal Jacket. Where wide temperature range operation is required, Extended Temperature operation is possible through component management and selection, as well as Qualification Testing.

Some programs will require the use of a Conduction Cooled module solution, which can be accomplished through Form Factor Repackaging. The form factor repackaging approach seeks to preserve the underlying hardware and software design of a COTS module. Central to adapting COTS to military applications is the concept of Reuse of the baseline hardware and software designs available off the shelf.